Maximal Performance Oil Cooler Kit – FRS/BRZ


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Whether you’re adding a turbo or just want a bit of a safeguard against high oil temperatures the Maximal Performance Oil Cooler Kit for the FR-S/BRZ is what you need. We utilize an industry leading Setrab cooler core along with a Thermostatic Mocal Sandwich Plate. This gives you the confidence you need in a part as critical as the oil cooler and ensures that you get maximal cooling.

The cooler bolts to the plastic under-body between the radiator and front bumper which allows it to get plenty of airflow while still staying tucked away. Our custom made brackets also bolt to holes already in the shroud so no drilling is required. Simply bolt it and and go.

Pre-fabbed lines are included along with all other required fittings, hardware, and install instructions.

Note: Certain aftermarket air-boxes may have to be modified in order for the lines/sandwich plate to fit near the oil filter. Please reach out with any concerns before ordering.

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