Mocal Thermostatic Sandwich Plate - FRS/BRZ

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Mocal is first to the market with their thermostatic oil cooler sandwich plate kit for new 2.0L Subaru (FA20) powered BRZ/FR-S/GT86 type cars.

Built in thermostat (185 degree) accurately controls oil flow to the cooler allowing for quick engine warm up plus oil system protection in cold climates.

Kit for 2.0L (FA20) engine includes:

  • Sandwich plate w/built in thermostat
  • Interlocking 25mm spacer required for proper height/clearance 
  • Lengthened 20mm x 1.5 filter extension
  • Large section o-rings.

Fluid connections are ORB 1/2" BSP available to either - 8AN or -10AN (sold separately)