Tell me about this place…

Maximal started in 2004 selling testpipes and solid engine mounts for 3S’s (3000GTs and Stealths).  Over the years new products were developed and we added additional performance product lines for 3S’s and other platforms. In it’s current iteration Maximal focuses on the 3000GT/Stealth and FRS/BRZ platforms while also excluding general items such as fluids, tools, and safety equipment.

How long does it take to get my stuff?

In stock items typically ship within a business day via the most efficient carrier for that order.  We currently only offer standard shipping on the site but if you’re in a hurry reach out to us and we can talk about expedited shipping. Some items are drop shipped from the manufacturer or supplier so shipping time may vary.
Shipping to US based locations is included in all prices unless otherwise noted.

What if I don’t live in the USA?

Due to an increase in fraudulent charges overseas we offer ordering on the site to only the US and Canada. If you live outside one of these countries please e-mail us your order and we will process your order through channels that ensure you get the best shipping deal and we get the safest payment method.

Do I have to pay sales tax?

If you’re in NY, yes.  If you’re not, then no.  Trust us, we wish we didn’t have to charge it for anyone.

Can I return something I bought?

Sure, but only if it hasn’t been installed and is in like new condition. Basically if you wouldn’t be happy with getting the part in it’s returned condition as you would have originally we can’t take it back.  Refunds will be issued within 2-3 days of receiving it for the full price paid minus actual shipping costs.

You got one of those Facebook things?

Yep, http://fb.com/maximalperformance.

You didn’t answer my question, how do I get in touch with someone?

You can e-mail us directly at terry@maximalperformance.com. We don’t have a phone number as it’s hard to balance life, getting parts made/out the door, and answering the phone.  It’s the 201X’s anyways, who calls anymore?