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Oil Coolers from Maximal

Keeping engine oil temps to a minimum is a huge deal.  When oil heats up to excessive levels it starts to thin and begins to break down.  Running a quality oil (like Motul) can help with this but even that has it’s limits.  Maximal saw a gap in the market for oil coolers that are affordable but get the job done.  We utilize Setrab cores, the largest we can fit in the given application, to provide quality and effective cooling where it counts, the part that does the actual cooling.  We then utilize quality but affordable push-lock fittings and hoses rated to 250psi, a pressure your oil system should never see.

You’ve got to connect the cooler somehow so we work to provide easy solutions to do just that.  On the 3S we build a bracket right to the cooler that allows it to utilize the stock mounting locations.  This keeps it out of the way of the radiator while still allowing air flow and fitment with most common FMIC kits.  On the FT86, we don’t have the luxury of room outside the front air dam so we mount it just ahead, and towards the bottom of the radiator allowing air to get to both the oil cooler core without impacting engine coolant temps.

As always, reach out to us if you have any questions.  If not, and you’re ready to keep that engine running cool even on the most demanding of track days, get your cooler now.


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