Setrab Oil Cooler Kit - 3000GT/Stealth

Regular price $399.00

The ultimate 3S Oil cooler kit is here.  Utilizing a massive Setrab core and quality rubber lines with 8 AN fittings we're able to deliver you a kit that will cool better than any other, fit in the stock location using an included bracket with most setups, and keep it affordable.  See below for details...

The Core - Setrab has long been known as the leader in oil cooler cores so of course we utilized one of their cores.  Measuring 1.83" 5.5" x 13" and utilizing 19 rows it will maximize cooling while still fitting in the stock location.
The Bracket - No flimsy L brackets here where you're left up to figure out how to mount this thing.  Maximal's cooler includes a heavy duty aluminum bracket completely surrounding the core for secure mounting.  It utilizes the stock mounting points and includes 2 sets of to mount it in more of a stock location and one to move the core back towards the wheel which typically provides enough clearance for FMIC piping.  If that doesn't work the mounting tabs are plenty large enough to make your own holes to mount.
The Hoses/Fittings - To save assembly time and cost we decided to use Russel Twist-Lok hoses and ends.  With a 250psi rating they are plenty strong enough for the application and are more flexible and thus easier to install than steel braided lines that, for the most part, are just for looks.  AN adapters will thread into the stock oil filter housing.  

AN adapters are also included for the top of the oil cooler and should be torqued to 29.5 ft lbs.