Single Shot Exhaust

Regular price $225.00

These exhausts are slowly becoming available.  We are working through a waitlist at this point and ordering without an email for us will get you an exhaust, but after the current waitlist is dealt with.  As a result, there may be a delay in shipment.

The least restrictive NA Exhaust available on the market.  The single bend and straight through design allows for the least restrictive flow possible from a full exhaust.  Mild steel tubing and glass pack for a pre-muffler and a stainless steel canister muffler.  The muffler has a silencer that is removable to allow you to decide how loud you want the exhaust.  All hangers come mounted on the exhaust.  Exhaust comes in 3 pieces...front section, glass pack, and the bend/muffler combination.  Exhaust clamps, hardware, and gasket is included.

Fits all year non-turbo 3000GTs and Stealths.